Plant anatomy: traditions and perspectives. Materials of the International Symposium dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Prof. Ludmila Ivanovna Lotova. September 16–22, 2019. In two parts. – Moscow : MAKS Press, 2019. 
ISBN 978-5-317-06198-2

Part 2. The offering to Ludmila Ivanovna Lotova / Ed. by A. C. Timonin. – 324 p.
ISBN 978-5-317-06197-5
This compilation is prepared for the 90th anniversary of late Prof. Ludmila Ivanovna Lotova, an outstanding Russian plant anatomist, who has worked at the Dept. of Higher Plants, Moscow University, for over 65 years. The compilation includes the memoires of Lotova, her colleagues and students; Lotova’s unpublished manuscripts which cover pathological anatomy of the apple tree; her previously unpublished essay of organization of the conductive apparatus of vascular plants; her discovered proposal for reorganizing research at the Department; found fragments of her lecture notes; verified list of Lotova’s publications; and also 8 invited papers on taxonomical, biomorphological, carpological and evolutionary plant anatomy which match the scientific problems Lotova was most interested in. Key words: botany, plant anatomy, carpology, history of science, L.I. Lotova.

DOI 10.29003/m665.conf-lotova2019_part2

The publication was funded by Russian Foundation for Basic Research according to the project № 19-04-20097.


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Plant Anatomy: traditions and perspectives